Karamui Nomane District in Brief.

The  District is by far  the largest District in Simbu Province covering the south of the province including Whagi, Tua, Oinma, Purari, Moma and Pio Valleys and  the Karimui Plateau.

Most people live between 800 and 12, 000 meters above the sea level in the Karamui area, and at higher altitudes of 1500 to 2200 meters in the Nomane areas.

The District has a land area of approximately 3, 507.6 km2 with a total  population of  52, 159, and a population density of 10 persons per km2. It is the largest District in land mass with the lowest population density in the Province.

The District Headquarters is located in the Karimui LLG and  sometimes moved to Kilau in the Salt LLG depending on the convenience  of the district administration and the member of the Electorate. Otherwise Karamui is the officially   recognised and established headquarter. It is the only  district as well in Simbu Province that is not linked by road. At the time of writing this document a road is constructed by the Provincial Government to link it to the rest of Simbu Province.

The Karimui/Nomane District has three Local Level Governments:

  • Karamui LLG, has a  total of  27 Council Wards and a population of  16, 864 people;
  • Nomane LLG, has 13   Council Wards with a  population of 6, 707 people .
  • Salt LLG , has 24  Council Wards with a  population totaling 12, 763 people.

District Administration

The District Administration is the body in the District headed by a District Administrator with several sectional heads reporting on operational issues in each of their respective sectors and together they constitute the District Management Team. The District staffing  strength includes the:

District Administrator /CEO with senior officers  overseeing the following functions :

Planning, Commerce, Primary Industry, Education, Community Development, Health and LLG  Administration.

People/language & Population

  • People:            Bomai people
  • Language:      Daribi Dialect
  • Population:     35184
  • Main Religion: Catholic, Lutheran, Seventh Day  Adventist and other Protestant

Other services located in the District

  • Police Establishments at Kilau and Karamui.
  • Cocoa (trial ) plantation